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The 2023-24 cohort schedule is: Summer (1 week) - from 7/31- 8/5/2023, daily, 8am to 5pm Ongoing (10 months) - from 8/26/2023-4/27/24, Saturdays, 8am to 5pm


The Montessori Infant/Toddler (I/T 0-3) Certification focus is on understanding the unique developmental changes that take place in the first three years of life. While other levels certainly focus on understanding child development, they put enhanced emphasis on specific materials and Montessori curriculum. At the Infant- Toddler level, the child is the curriculum. It is essential for Montessori Infant/Toddler Guides to have a comprehensive understanding of the young child so they can be an aid to their development. We have developed a comprehensive program which integrates Montessori philosophy and best practices for infants and toddlers with the latest research in brain and child development. 
The MGTEI Infant/Toddler Teacher Certification is composed of 12 components and presents weekly lectures with a deep and comprehensive exploration of the Montessori approach for children’s youngest years. Adult learners complete a variety of meaningful assignments which relate directly to their classroom experience and provide opportunities for practical application of the course material. Weekly interactions with instructors and fellow adult learners build a rich and supportive learning community providing additional opportunities for integration of course topics.


The Infant/Toddler Full Certificate adult learners  complete the academic and practicum phases in a total of 785 contact hours, including 248 academic contact hours (with 13 hours of documented observation and 16 of practicum weekend seminars), and are required to complete a 10–12-month, 540-hour practicum internship.  
Including 308 academic contact hours in-residence before starting the practicum phase. See tables Course Components Summary (link) and Course Schedule for detailed breakdown (link).


This intern-teaching phase must take place in a Montessori classroom for children birth-3 years of age. Exceptions may be made for an alternative age grouping, at the discretion of the Director of the program, but a minimum of a 2-year grouping within the 0-3 age range is required. 
Classroom must be well equipped with the Montessori curriculum materials and prepared accordingly to Montessori principles for this age group, facilitating the development of children ages birth through 3 years. Supervising Teacher must meet the criteria for supervision and Montessori best practices must be followed.

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