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We prepare adult learners to work with children from infancy through 6 years of age in a Montessori learning environments, combining learning theories with practice under the supervision of qualified teachers or mentors. The MGTEI offers a comprehensive training and practicum program designed to highlight all aspects of Montessori education. The Certificate of Completion provides an extra leverage for adult learners in their career development and specialization by being competent in the uniqueness of Montessori pedagogy.

Currently, MGTEI offers a comprehensive in-residence academic and practicum training for the levels of Infant/Toddler (0-3)  and Early Childhood (2.5-6), delivered by certified Montessori and well experienced faculty at its aesthetically crafted northeast Florida campus. Certificates of Completion are awarded upon completion of all program requirements and is followed by recommendation to the American Montessori Society (AMS) for a credential.

Coursework includes Montessori philosophy and pedagogy, observation techniques, child development, with focus on physical, sensorimotor, socio-emotional, cognitive, and creative aspects of development of young children. The course components covers the Montessori curriculum through practical life/everyday living, sensorial, language, and mathematics, as well as program leadership and administration, personal growth and development of the adult learners, care and guidance of young children, and family involvement and education.

Graduates from either programs are eligible to hold teaching positions in any Montessori school, anywhere in the world. Candidates are prepared to plan and implement developmentally appropriate Montessori programs in early childhood settings. Employment opportunities include child development and childcare programs, public and private schools preschools, recreational centers, Head Start Programs, after school-age programs, and teacher assistants in K-3 classrooms.

The collaboration with the Montessori Global Research Institute (MGRI) school – that has extensive and outstanding experience in Montessori education – can provide limited internships to prepare adult learners to compete for high-quality positions in the daycare and education fields.

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